Photo exhibition 05 Feb '21 - 19 Feb '21

Photo exhibition

Students put a face to the Zeeburgereiland and its residents with their impressions.

Expo: Faces of an Island
This outstanding photography exhibition is a record of the first impressions of the Zeeburgereiland and its residents gained by students from the Sluislab Creative Future programme.

The expo ‘Faces of an Island’ was realised as part of a collaboration between photographers Steef Fleur and Barbara Pillip, and Matthijs Koppen from das Studio — visuele communicatie.

The photographs can be viewed (from the street) through the windows of the Nautilus bar 24/7 from Friday 5 to Friday 19 February 2021.

Address: Expo bar Nautilus | Eef Kamerbeekstraat 1006 | Amsterdam.

5 March 2021