Sluislab is a hotspot for social innovation on the Zeeburgereiland in Amsterdam. Students, researchers, residents and other stakeholders are together trying to find an answer to the question: How do you invent an island?

How do you turn an expanse of sand into an attractive Amsterdam city quarter?┬áInholland will be the first ‘resident’ of the Sluisbuurt on Zeeburgereiland, and has opted to play an active role in the development of the quarter; a role that will start long before the removal boxes have even been unpacked.

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2022A new ferry connection between the Oostelijk Havengebied area and the Zeeburgereiland will be operating from 2022.
5500Over 5,500 new houses will be built in the Sluisbuurt.
10-15It is expected that it will take between10 and 15 years to fully realise the Sluisbuurt.
24The sum of all the green areas on the island will be equivalent to the surface of 24 soccer pitches.

We are organising education, research and experiments with regard to social innovation on the Zeeburgereiland. If you would like to get to know Sluislab and everyone involved in our work, be sure to visit our next MeetUp session, or take a cycle ride on the island during a Sluisbuurt Safari.

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Together with residents, entrepreneurs and partners, we plan to turn the Zeeburgereiland into an attractive part of the city. Find out who is already actively involved in Sluislab and join us!

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Sluislab is a place for social innovation for all interested parties. If there is an issue you would like to investigate with us or you think that your organisation could contribute to one of our projects, please let us know.