Meet the Sluisbuurt! Allow yourself to be inspired by special guests and join the monthly MeetUp session to get to know more about the development of the Sluisbuurt and Zeeburgereiland. Watch and chat using the live stream, and we look forward to meeting you in person as soon as circumstances permit. 

Picnic in the Sluisbuurt

On the first Tuesday of every month at around lunch time, Sluislab organises the MeetUp session ‘Picnic in the Sluisbuurt’ in collaboration with the new building Amsterdam preparation team. During these sessions, we talk to guests about relevant themes related to the development of the Sluisbuurt and Zeeburgereiland.

MeetUp programme

MeetUp#1: The workplace, 6 October 2020
MeetUp#2: Placemaking in the Sluisbuurt, 3 November 2020
MeetUp#3: Building, 2 December 2020
MeetUp#4: Neighbourhood Gardens & Breeding Grounds, 2 March 2021
MeetUp#5: Sticky Campus, 6 April 2021


Karel KochKim Hagenaar, Merel de Boer and Myrthe Dortants 


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