Ferry as an arena

Ferry as an arena

What might happen if we engage the ferry serving the Zeeburgereiland as an arena for getting together and exchange?

Getting together and exchange
Zeeburgereiland residents and visitors will increasingly be moving between the island and other parts of the city. For the time being, this connection is restricted to the Schellingwoude and Amsterdam bridges for pedestrians and cyclists, but from 2022, a temporary ferry will be in use between the Zeeburgereiland and the Oostelijk Havengebied to serve the increasing flow of cyclists and pedestrians. That ferry will not only be a functional solution to a mobility issue, it will also provide a moment of calm – a pause in the daily lives of the island’s residents – as well as a potential meeting place. Think what could happen if we used that ferry as an arena for getting together and exchanging ideas? How might we do this?

Ferry as an arena

Sluislab Festival
In the spring of 2021, Sluislab students will be collaborating with researchers, designers and a team from the Temporary Ferry Connection Zeeburgereiland (municipality of Amsterdam) on the development of a placemaking concept for residents of the Zeeburgereiland and the Oostelijk Havengebied, whereby the ferry will be used as an arena. The prototype will be launched during the first Sluislab Festival in June 2021.


Gestart op 1 februari 2020


Ouafila Bejja-Essayah/Peter Blummel


Projectteam Tijdelijke Pontverbinding Zeeburgereiland, Gemeente Amsterdam