Opportunities for temporary initiatives 02 Mar '21

Opportunities for temporary initiatives

We are talking to Bas van de Geyn (Urban Resort) and Iris van der Helm (municipality of Amsterdam) about Neighbourhood Gardens & Breeding Grounds – opportunities for temporary initiatives – during the fourth Picnic event in Sluisbuurt.

MeetUp#4 Neighbourhood Gardens & Breeding Grounds
In the space of 10 years, the Sluisbuurt – currently little more than an open expanse of sand – will start to become an attractive metropolitan quarter, home to 10,000 residents. This means that in the years to come there will be extensive building activity, with plenty of areas awaiting their final realisation. For the residents-to-be, this may mean that not all the amenities they need will be available right from the start. Temporary projects and initiatives, such as a market, a neighbourhood garden or a beach bar serving food & drinks could provide temporary amenities which would make the quarter under construction more attractive and give residents and users the opportunity to realise their ideas about the island. What are the opportunities for Inholland as the first resident of Sluisbuurt?

Bas van de Geyn, Urban Resort
On Tuesday 2 March, we are talking to Bas van de Geyn, an experienced breeding-ground developer and a resident of the Zeeburgereiland, about his initiative for a temporary Sluisbuurt breeding ground; a site that will provide spaces for artists, cafés and restaurants, as well as facilities for education & research and initiatives from residents and students. We are asking Bas about his experience of breeding-ground development, the function of breeding grounds within the city and the opportunities he envisages for the Sluisbuurt.

Iris van der Helm, municipality of Amsterdam
We also welcome Iris van der Helm, who is involved in the Zeeburgereiland in her capacity as public-space designer for the municipality of Amsterdam. Iris considers the temporary filling of public spaces in the city not just as a bridge leading to a final solution, but also an ongoing opportunity for residents of the island to actively participate in the realisation of a pleasant living environment. Iris has worked on the implementation of public spaces featuring new residential ambitions within an office environment in both IJburg and Sloterdijk, as well as being responsible, among other things, for the design of the Urban Sports Zone in the Sportheldenbuurt.

Host Rudy Nicola welcomes Iris van der Helm and Bas van de Geyn to this fourth Picnic event in the Sluisbuurt. Using the chat facility, you too can put your questions to these speakers.

If you are interested, be sure to note the day and time: MeetUp #4 on Tuesday March 2 from 12:30 until 13:15 hrs. No need to register beforehand this time, simply click the Teams meeting link at the beginning of the MeetUp session and you will be able to attend straightaway. Tip: be sure to paste the link into your Outlook agenda.

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20 February 2021