The workplace 06 Oct '20 - 06 Oct '21

The workplace

Together with Japke-D Bouma (NRC) and Wim Pullen (CfPB), we are conducting research into what makes a work environment enjoyable, and the elements required to achieve that.

MeetUp#1 The Workplace
What, in your view, constitutes a pleasant workplace? Due to the corona virus, almost all of us now have plenty of experience of working from home, so it has become more interesting than ever to explore that question. We do so with experts Japke-D Bouma and Wim Pullen during the first online MeetUp session to be held by the Inholland preparation team Newbuilding Amsterdam and the SLUISlab on Tuesday 6 October 2020.

Working from home Monitor
Because of the recent period of working from home, we are taking another critical look at working in the Inholland building. What is your favourite activity there? What are the things that you used to do before the corona virus pandemic that you may be doing less frequently in future, or not at all, or would you perhaps prefer to do from home? How can we create an agreeable work environment and what are the elements required to achieve one? These questions (and more) will be handled during the MeetUp session on the 6th of October.

Japke-D Bouma, NRC
Japke-D Bouma is a journalist working for the NRC newspaper, and among other things, her witty and critical columns are about workspaces and working from home.

Wim Pullen, Center for People and Buildings
Wim Pullen is the managing director of the Center for People and Buildings (CfPB), which is associated with the TU Delft.

Host Rudy Nicola welcomes and interviews the guests.

Zowel collega’s van Amsterdam en Diemen als van andere Inholland-vestigingen kunnen zich hiervoor aanmelden. Via de chat is de mogelijkheid vragen te stellen die via Rudy Nicola bij het deskundigenpanel terechtkomen en direct beantwoord worden.

Save the date voor deze MeetUp #1 op dinsdag dinsdag 6 oktober  2020 van 12.30 tot 13.15 uur.


Colleagues from the Amsterdam and Diemen schools and from other Inholland locations can register for the event. A live chat facility makes it possible to ask questions, which Rudy Nicola will pass on to the expert forum for direct replies.

Be sure to note the day and time of this MeetUp #1 session on Tuesday 6 October, 2020 from 12:30 to 13:15.

5 March 2021